26th July 2016
by Edward Sheppard

As a leading provider of sterile single-use surgical instruments, DTR Medical is involved increasingly in supporting clinicians who are helping the development of services around the world.

This is our opportunity to give something back to our customers when they are often volunteering for something they believe in passionately.

Around the World

Our support has been given in the form of single-use instruments in ENT, where combating deafness is the primary aim, and Gynaecology and specifically Colposcopy, with training and diagnosis of Cervical Cancer are the main objectives.

Such support has been given in South East Asia and Africa where services are still being developed and the assistance leading doctors and surgeons can give has a tremendous impact; it raises the profile, treats difficult cases directly and trains local doctors in new procedures and techniques.

All Ears International

We supported audiologist Glyn Vaughan in his quest to prevent, mitigate or relieve ear disease and hearing loss in Cambodia and South East Asia. The numbers Glyn and his team see is staggering; in 2014 they saw 43,584 ears and they created All Ears Korea and All Ears Bhutan to expand their mission. [Interview with Glyn Vaughan, Founder of All Ears Cambodia (AEC), the only ear and hearing clinic in Cambodia]

We have given our support through free stock of Crocodile & Tilley Aural Forceps, Formby & Jobson Probes and Zoellner & Clearway Suction Handles. In addition, the Micro Suction range of Verhovens and Cream Applicators has proved valuable for removing wax and applying creams and ointments.

The range of instruments we have been able to provide is a small but much needed gesture in part of the world where hearing loss has a major impact on sufferers.

Preventing Cervical Cancer in Ghana

Gynaecology is another focus of our support and the work Dr Theodora Pepera, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist and Colposcopist is taking on in Ghana demands our support. In this case we provided Rotating Cervical Biopsy Forceps, Bonney Polyp Forceps and Rampley Sponge Holders together with Electrosurgical Loop and Ball Electrodes.

Dr Theo, who presents the result of her work at international conferences, is helping establish a Colposcopy Service in the country and she is actively involved in training clinicians to take on this important work across the country. Through her endeavours, Ghanaian women are now more likely to avoid the threat this main Cancer related killer presents.

LletzLearn Practical Colposcopy Training

In a similar manner, we have worked with Miss Theresa Freeman Wang, Consultant Gynaecologist, and Anna Barbour, Nurse Colposcopist, of LletzLearn to help with the design and development of a LLETZlearn Training Simulator to give practical help to those learning how to perform Cervical Biopsies and Loop Electrode Excisions.

With Cervical Cancer presenting such a clinical workload it is important to have well trained colposcopists who can deliver a competent service with confidence. New entrants to the speciality need chance to practice before their first patient and we are delighted to see that LletzLearn give this very effectively.

As a result of our support, Lletzlearn has been active in many countries including the UK, Ireland and Iraq with very successful results. Our support has also extended to instruments including Insulated Cusco Specula and Rotating Cervical biopsy Forceps.

Ethiopia and Africa Links

Training is a common theme to the support we give and the support we gave Mr Biku Ghosh OBE, Consultant Surgeon and founder of the Wales for Africa Health links Group.

Our assistance in this case was to provide Single-use Craniotomy Sets that could be used for demonstration purposes when teaching doctors on new procedures. Something as simple as a donation of equipment can have a really positive impact and the feedback we received was appreciated by everyone in the company.

Providing ENT Service in Malawi

A recent example where our support counts is the support of charitable works by leading UK clinicians working to improve the prognosis for patients when they volunteer their time to help others.

Mr David Strachan, Consultant Surgeon, and his colleagues in regularly give their support to services in Malawi, one of the poorest countries in the world.

We have helped by donating a wide range of ENT instruments including Rosen Round Ear Specula, Crocodile Forceps & Scissors and Thudichum Nasal Specula for use on his most recent visit to the country.

Corporate or Personal?

The buzz term is Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR and it is important for DTR Medical to be an active members of the community and to facilitate some of the changes mentioned.

We make our contribution through free sterile single-use instruments, where the shortage of decontamination can be avoided. Every year we donated thousands of pounds worth of products, but the true value comes in the return it delivers.

Our donation is more personal than corporate because everyone in our team appreciates the help we give to others and the improvements we make to someone’s life.