APAOG is the professional association representing Obstetrics and Gynecologic (OBGYN) Physician Associates in the United States. APAOG supports PAs practicing obstetrics, gynecology, and all its subspecialties by advancing the role of PAs to serve our patients throughout their lifespan by providing a network to better engage on various topics and serve the community. APAOG’s main priority is to promote equitable care through education, research, advocacy, inclusivity, and leadership while providing access to high-quality care around the nation abroad, to all women.

Innovia Medical is pleased to announce that we will be at the APAOG 2023 Annual Conference in Milwaukee, WI on Jul. 17-19! We are delighted to be showcasing our latest DTR Medical® range of Single-use Gynecology Instruments for the very first time in the U.S.