8th November 2022
by Edward Sheppard

This November we are delighted to be celebrating the 10th anniversary of our Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch!


10 Years of Innovation

Since first launching our Biopsy Punch in 2012, the device has seen several design improvements as we continue to innovate which will better suit clinicians’ requirements. Through listening and designing in conjunction with our customers, our latest device has:

  • A top jaw stronger than titanium (4x stronger than our previous version) to enable a biopsy to be taken even from a hardened cervix
  • 360° rotation to allow enhanced positioning and patient interaction, increasing clinician visibility during procedures
  • Low profile jaw providing better access to the transformation zone when migrating into the endocervical canal
  • Ergonomic handle designed for comfort


Better Biopsy. Better Outcome.

Since mid-2018, there has been a noticeable change with a growing number of hospitals now using the Single-use Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch as their first-choice instrument, instead of traditional reusable alternatives. Colposcopy clinics in the UK report that Pathology laboratories can provide quicker diagnosis, usually with the first samples provided.  Traditionally, Biopsy Punches have been the mainstay for taking cervical biopsies, but blunt, unsharpened instruments regularly lead to inadequate samples that cannot be used when looking to provide an effective diagnosis.

Want to find out for yourself why many are now using the Single-use DTR Medical® Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch? Reach out to your local Business Manager to discuss further how we can support your clinic’s needs.


As a company we fully understand the growing strain and pressures on our national health service. Therefore, adapting a focus on supporting your hospitals and clinics through continuing to deliver Single-use instruments that consistently produce efficient and accurate health outcomes is at the forefront of our mission.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at dtrmarketing@innoviamedical.com or +44 (0) 1792 797910.