Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch


Low Profile Jaw. Better Access.

  • Latest generation top jaw now stronger than Titanium, and 4x the strength of previous jaw
  • Allows a Biopsy to be taken from a Hardened Cervix
  • Low profile jaw provides better access to the transformation zone when migrating into the Endocervical Canal
  • 360° rotation enables enhanced positioning and patient interaction
  • Ensures a sharp, clean cut reducing Cervical trauma and patient discomfort
  • Ergonomic handle designed for comfort
  • Provides value-based benefits, improving procedure quality, patient safety, and overall cost savings
  • Lightweight compared to alternatives
  • Ideal for busy Colposcopy Clinics, with high-quality samples taken first-time
  • Useful for increased HPV testing demands
  • Single-use eliminates cross-contamination, inadequate samples, and repeat procedures
  • UK manufactured
  • Polybag has now been refined, to save 550kg of plastic per year

“I really like using the Biopsy Punch because it gives me an accurate biopsy as it has sharp edges so I know I will get a good sample. I use it for Cervical and Vulvar/Vaginal biopsies.”

Dr. Hilda Dunsmore, SAS Doctor, Stobhill Hospital

Read our Cervical Cancer Diagnosis Infographic here.

Find our Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch “Pro” File here.


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CBR104110Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch, 365mm