New Product Development

Research is an integral part of DTR Medical’s operations. With our vision at the forefront, ideas are generated for new products through continual feedback from our team, working partners, clinicians and patient groups. The most common questions which we get asked by our customer base are ‘do you do?’ and ‘can you get?’

Our success is driven through the continuous innovation and engineering of new products. These factors combine to bring “clinician-led concepts” to market which have the opportunity to enhance existing procedures whilst providing TIME, LIFE and COST (TLC) savings benefits.

New Product Development at DTR Medical

Responsible for our latest product developments, our dedicated engineering team has access to both full ‘CAD’ (Computer-Aided Design) modelling facilities and 3D simulation capabilities such as the Combi Hook and Frazier Suction Handle renders below.

npd website photo 2

Frazier Suction Handle render

Product requests and ideas are analysed to ensure that they address a specific need and the prototypes are then made and tested before their launch to market.