Environmental Responsibilities

Environmental pressures are impacting on every aspect of life and this situation is developing rapidly. DTR Medical balances healthcare needs and the surgeons’ demands for suitable instruments with its careful use of precious resources.

In recognition of the importance of sustainable procurement within the healthcare sector, DTR Medical recently participated in an independent, cross-sector, financial, social and environmental supplier audit, aimed at helping customers to benchmark suppliers’ sustainability credentials with a Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) Sustainability Index.

The company’s first sustainability index achieved excellent scores across the “three pillars” for sustainability: Economic, Environmental and Social. Receiving an average ‘CIPS’ score of 87%, DTR Medical was commended for its ‘Innovation Capacity’, ‘Business Integrity’ and ‘Environmental & Waste Management.’

Monitoring the key environmental indicators using these critical pillars of sustainability means that we are able to provide customers with a better view of their supply chain whilst reducing the supplier risk.

As part of an ongoing collaborative project with a leading Welsh University, a pioneering technique, known as biorefining, was used to develop new low carbon technologies for both our products and our packaging.

In addition to this, a life cycle analysis (LCA) was carried out on our flagship product; the Rotating Cervical Biopsy Punch. Results indicated that it had 2.8 times less times impact on the environment than a standard Pakistan-made Tischler coupled with a handle made out of Sorona®

Download our Environmental Resources document here.