Ventilation Tubes and Grommets


  • Comprehensive range of designs, sizes and materials
  • Available with or without wires

Find our Summit Medical Ventilation Tubes Product Sheet here.

Ventilation Tubes & Gromits

Available Options

VT-1602-01-110Mini-Tef 0.89MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-1425-01-110Mini Grommet 0.76MM Lumen Titanium
VT-1232-01-110Reuter Bobbin 1.27MM Lumen Titanium
VT-1231-01-110Reuter Bobbin 1.14MM Lumen Titanium
VT-1204-01-110Reuter Bobbin 1.14MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-1203-01-110Reuter Bobbin 1.0MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-1002-01-110Collar Button 1.27MM Lumen Silicone
VT-1001-01-110Collar Button 1.27MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0903-01-110Straight Shank 7MM X 0.89MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0901-01-110Straight Shank 7 MM X 1.14MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0803-01-110Shah W Wire 1.14MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0700-01-110Umbrella 1.0MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0608-01-110Baxter Bevel Bobbin 1.14MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0606-01-110Baxter Bevel Bobbin 1.27MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0602-01-110Baxter Bevel Bobbin 1.27MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0508-01-110Armstrong Grommet Modified 1.14MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0503-01-110Armstrong Grommet 1.14MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0500-01-110Armstrong Beveled Straight Shank 7.0 X 1.14MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0410-01-110T-Tube 8MM X 1.14MM Supersoft™Silicone
VT-0409-01-110T-Tube 12MM X 1.14MM Supersoft™Silicone
VT-0408-01-110Touma II T-Tube 1.12MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0407-01-110T-Tube 8 X 5.5 X 1.14MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0406-01-110T-Tube 5 X 4 X 1.14MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0405-01-110Touma T-Tube 1.14MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0301-01-110Paparella II 1.42MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0200-01-110Shepard W Tab 1.0MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0102-01-110Donaldson 1.14MM Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0101-01-110Donaldson W Tab 1.14MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0100-01-110Donaldson 1.14MM Lumen Silicone
VT-0501-01-110Armstrong bevelled straight shank 7.5 x 1.14mm lumen fluoroplastic
VT-0300-01-110Paparella 1 1.14mm Lumen Silicone
VT-0403-01-110T-Tube Grommet 1.27mm Lumen Silicone
VT-0401-01-110T-Tube 5 x 8 x 1.14mm Lumen Silicone
VT-0400-01-110T-Tube 12 x 10 x 1.14mm Lumen Silicone
VT-0802-01-110Shah with Tab 1.14mm Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0204-01-110Shepard Vent Tubes 1.0mm Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0203-01-110Shepard Vent Tubes with Wire 1.0mm Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0202-01-110Shepard Vent Tubes 1.14mm Lumen Fluoroplastic
VT-0201-01-110Shepard Vent Tubes with wire 1.14mm Lumen Fluoroplastic