Denver Splints

  • Two soft moldable aluminum and Velcro® pieces
  • Length of wear 7-10 days
  • Adhesive
  • No water mess
  • Inconspicuous

Find our Denver Splints Product Sheet here.

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Available Options

10 - 1500-05KL5Denver Splint Kit Large
10-5000-10NKS10Denver Splint Non-Kit Small/Medium
10-5000-10NKP10Denver Splint Non-Kit Petite
10-5000-10NKM10Denver Splint Non-Kit Mini
10-5000-10NKL10Denver Splint Non-Kit Large
10-5000-05KS5Denver Splint Kit Small/Medium
10-5000-05KP5Denver Splint Kit Petite
10-5000-05KM5Denver Splint Kit Mini
10-5000-05KL5Denver Splint Kit Large
10-2000-10NKS10Denver Splint Non-Kit Small/Medium
10-2000-10NKP10Denver Splint Non-Kit Petite
10-2000-10NKM10Denver Splint Non-Kit Mini
10-2000-10NKL10Denver Splint Non-Kit Large
10-2000-05KS5Denver Splint Kit Small/Medium
10-2000-05KP5Denver Splint Kit Petite
10-2000-05KM5Denver Splint Kit Mini
10-2000-05KL5Denver Splint Kit Large
10-1500-10NKS10Denver Splint Non-Kit Small/Medium
10-1500-10NKP10Denver Splint Non-Kit Petite
10-1500-10NKM10Denver Splint Non-Kit Mini
10-1500-10NKL10Denver Splint Non-Kit Large
10-1500-05KS5Denver Splint Kit Small/Medium
10-1500-05KP5Denver Splint Kit Petite
10-1500-05KM5Denver Splint Kit Mini
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