22nd February 2017
by DTR Medical Ltd

DTR Medical, an award-winning UK manufacturer of innovative and high quality Single-use instruments, are delighted to introduce their new Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch featuring Low Profile Jaw.

The Single-use Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch is a necessary instrument for busy clinics as the metal jaw ensures a sharp, clean, 3.0 x 7.5mm cut that delivers consistent results. Hilda Dunsmore, a Gynaecologist & Colposcopist at Victoria Infirmary, UK, echoes the benefits of this product saying “…it gives me an accurate biopsy as it has sharp edges so I know I will get a good sample.”

The Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch has been designed with a Low Profile Jaw to ensure better access to the Transformation Zone. With a rotating head, the instrument facilitates positioning and enables increased visibility, making it an instrument of choice.

As the handle is made with 20% to 37% renewable material, utilising a renewably sourced propanediol (PDO) made from technical starch, the Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch is also environmentally friendly.

DTR Medical understand the importance of a cost-effective solution for a high demand clinic like Colposcopy and can potentially save you up to £7,500 per annum allowing clinicians to carry out more resourceful procedures.

Contact marketing@dtrmedical.com or call +44(0) 1792 797910 to be the first to try the new Sterile Single-use Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch with Low Profile Jaw.