8th April 2021
by Edward Sheppard

We were pleased to see the SNAP, Endoscope Guide win its second award this time at the Meridian Celebration of Innovation Awards on 30th March!

The multi-award-winning device picked up the accolade in the “Special Focus on COVID” category, adding to the “Partnership with the NHS” Award won at the MediWales Innovation Awards in December.

The prestigious prize was earned by endoscope-i for their continued commitment to innovating and improving care over the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Coulson PhD FRCS, CEO endoscope-i & Consultant ENT Surgeon stated: “We are delighted with this award which represents the collective achievements of endoscope-i and DTR Medical. Hopefully, it will assist greatly in safely delivering routine ENT services despite the pandemic.”

Meridian Celebration of Innovation Awards

Since launching in 2015, the programme has been celebrating individuals and organisations that are revolutionising healthcare across the West Midlands with new ideas, technologies, and initiatives.

This year, winners were selected for their continuous work in implementing positive changes to patient care and the region’s healthcare economy; despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

SNAP, Endoscope Guide

The SNAP device ensures safe passage of a Nasendoscopy through a Surgical Mask, creating an aperture for the Endoscope to pass through into the Nasal Cavity. This meaning that any coughs, splutters, or sneezes throughout the procedure are caught in the Mask, which is easily disposed of after use.

SNAP, Endoscope Guide

SNAP, Endoscope Guide

If you are interested in the SNAP, and for more information please contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.