11th February 2020
by Edward Sheppard

Innovation, customer feedback and clinician experience are all powerful drivers of the continuous product improvements we make across all our surgical specialties.  We thrive to develop instruments that advance clinical practice as well as providing an overall benefit to both the healthcare provider and welfare of the patient.

Kerrison Rongeur Punch with 90° Up-Bite

Our NEW 100mm Kerrison Rongeur is ideal for Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) procedures, the 90° up-bite provides the correct angle relative to the position of the bone during surgery. The instrument is shorter than our other variants ensuring enhanced manoeuvrability for a quicker and more precise action.

Engineered with a tapered fine end, the instrument allows you to access smaller incisions, along with a smooth tip to prevent trauma in the surrounding tissue.

Other DCR products include: Kilner “Catspaw” Retractor, Punctum Seeker, Double Ended Punctum DilatorHartmann Nasal Speculum and Silicone Tubes.

As part of the Innovia Group we are now able to offer products from the Network Medical DCR range as well such as: Bodkin Angled, Bodkin Straight and Crawford-type & Canaliculus Intubation Sets.

Negus Aspirating Dissector with One Hole

The NEW Negus Aspirating Dissector with One Hole ensures enhanced control during delicate procedures. Complementing the Two Hole variant in our range, the instrument provides suction on only one side, allowing you to regulate it a lot more. This gives you increased control as well as limiting any potential trauma that may be caused; the guided suction is important to prevent any unwanted bleeding.

Small Kratz-Barraquer Eye Speculum

The NEW Kratz-Barraquer Eye Speculum is ideal for paediatric Ophthalmic surgery or patients with smaller eyes. The device ensures an effective eye-opening procedure, with smooth polished edges that maximise comfort throughout.


Continuous Innovation Drives the Release of NEW Products Coming In 2020

Colibri Forceps

Our NEW Colibri Forceps come equipped with bowed, thin arms that ensure you have a clear view of the surgical site. This precise finish allows entry to incisions as narrow as 1.8mm wide. Further to this, the serrated handle provides you with maximised comfort and control during Cataract and Glaucoma procedures.

Once released, the instrument will be available Toothed, making it suitable for holding Corneal and Scleral flaps.  Contrastingly, the Notched variant is very effective in the removal of fine sutures. Both come with an elevated tying platform that allows for an easy, reliable and gentle grip when holding a range of delicate structures.

Capsulorhexis Fine Forceps

The NEW Capsulorhexis Fine Forceps maximise your first time performance during Cataract procedures and Capsulotomy.  The instrument comes equipped with sharp, cystotome shaped Utrata style tips to ease access and enhance your view of the surgical site.

This product has 0.3mm tips that enable both increased precision and finer incisions when tearing and removing the anterior lens capsule of the eye.

We continue to improve and develop products across all our specialities through user suggestions and innovation to provide quality instruments that you deserve. Watch out for the release of both our Colibri Forceps and Capsulorhexis Fine Forceps over the course of 2020.

Furthermore, please look out for posts to our News Stories section in the coming months on updates to our other ranges.

For more information please contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.