13th March 2020
by Edward Sheppard

DTR Medical Acts to help Clinicians and Patients in the current Covid-19 situation.

We are living in exceptional times and it is important that we act in the best interests of our customers and their patients. As a result, we have asked our Business Managers from today to only visit if requested. Our team will divert their attention to providing whatever support they can to assist healthcare providers deliver the service they are faced with and they can be contacted using the details on our Contacts page if you want their help.

Details can be found here: https://dtrmedical.com/about/team/key-staff/.

We will keep the situation under review and only resume normal activity when is right to do so. In the meantime, we hope everyone stays safe.

Our Social Media will continue to promote guidance provided by the UK Government and NHS.

For more information please contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.