13th August 2020
by Edward Sheppard

The NETCELL® PVA range is now available through DTR Medical in the United Kingdom, as we continue to strengthen our offering of ENT products. This high-quality plethora of UK manufactured products will now be able to be purchased through your local Business Manager.

Carefully constructed using exclusive NETCELL® PVA sponge, the ultra-soft surface improves patient comfort and reduces trauma. The small, uniformed pore structure lowers the risk of tissue adhesion whilst increasing absorbency and fluid retention. All NETCELL® sponge products are designed to be strong, flexible, fibre and snag free.

We are now able to offer you an assortment of NETCELL® PVA Nasal Packs, these provide an immediate and effective solution for controlling post-operative bleeding. This variety of products includes: Series 5000™, Standard, Anatomical, and Epistaxis Nasal Packs.

Furthermore, the exclusive Series 5000™ PVA Nasal Pack has an outer coating offering a non-stick interface against tissue, facilitating an atraumatic removal. With a double compress for easy insertion, the product is specially designed for use after Septal, Turbinate and Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Series 5000 PVA Nasal Pack

Another exciting addition to the DTR Medical UK product offering are the NETCELL® PVA Post-Operative Ear Packs. Constructed to ensure the prevention of Stenosis of the ear canal, post-surgery. With a strong PVA structure that does not expand lengthways, the product is able to support graft tissue following Tympanoplasty Surgery.

NETCELL® PVA Post-Operative Ear Pack

Other PVA products available in this range include Microspheres, Headbands, Instrument Wipes, Sinus Packs and Ear Wicks.

The full NETCELL® PVA catalogue can be downloaded here: https://s3-eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/bd-production-two/networkmedical/uploads/2020/04/02103111/NETCELL-ENT-PVA.pdf.

As part of the Innovia Medical Group we are able to offer you a wide range of brands that cover 11 different surgical specialties, to better suit your procedures.

For more information on the NETCELL® PVA range and to discuss how else we can help you please contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.