7th October 2019
by Edward Sheppard

Outstanding Feedback Received from Clinicians

DTR Medical’s Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch allowed 95% of Clinicians to take an average of 2 biopsies successfully first time. The titanium jaw provides the instrument with first time sharpness ensuring a high quality sample is always taken.

Clinicians are regularly reporting high levels of success when using our product. An analysis of 159 reports (post market surveillance and evaluation trial data since 2018) showed that overall, there has been an 87% positive response from Clinicians and Consultants across the UK.

We have received an exceptional response about this product; “It’s excellent that you have improved the new jaw on the Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch, it is much stronger and removes previous issues we had taking a biopsy from a hardened cervix. It is great that you have taken our feedback on board and made this improvement to the instrument, thank you.” Helen Crookes, Senior Sister, Calderdale Royal Hospital.

Most striking was that 88% of Clinicians would recommend the DTR Medical Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch to a colleague. Following on from this, Louise Johnson, Nurse Colposcopist, University Hospital of Wales was quoted “Absolutely would recommend” when asked about the Biopsy Punch.

An Emphasis on Value-Based Healthcare

With this concept in mind, both patient recall and discomfort can be significantly reduced when using this product as well as decreasing the waiting time for first time patients.

For instance, the detailed questionnaires found 83% of biopsies taken were described as either good or very good meaning improved Pathology results first time. This reduces the likelihood of patients being called back a few months later, preventing the extra trauma and anxiety this creates, along with the additional burden this places on clinical staff.

Three areas were looked at when describing the functionality of the instrument, these included the quality of both the cut & biopsy taken, the similarity to description and the ease of removing the sample from the jaw. It was found that the total quantified at 86% being described as either good or very good by clinicians and consultants in these respected areas.

DTR Medical’s Biopsy Punch Changing the Direction of Cervical Cancer Diagnosis

Since mid-2018, there has been a noticeable change with a growing number of hospitals now using the DTR Medical Sterile Single-use Cervical Rotating Biopsy Punch as their first-choice instrument, instead of traditional reusable alternatives. Colposcopy clinics in the UK report that Pathology laboratories are able to provide rapid diagnosis, usually with the first samples provided.  Traditionally Biopsy Punches have been the mainstay for taking cervical biopsies, but blunt, unsharpened instruments regularly lead to inadequate samples that cannot be used when looking to provide an effective diagnosis.

DTR Medical are fully aware of the growing strain and pressure on our National Health Service. Therefore, it is in our best interest to support hospitals and clinics through delivering Single-use instruments that consistently produce both efficient and accurate health outcomes for patients and clinicians alike.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at marketing@dtrmedical.com or +44 (0) 1792 797910.