Tibbs Arterial Cannula


  • Unique range of Single-Use Tibbs Arterial Cannula with a high-quality stainless-steel construction
  • 8 variants are provided, available in Micro, Small, Large, X Large, and XX Large
  • The Cone and Olive variants increase flexibility, ensuring you get the correct size for the specific vessel when flushing them with heparin solution
  • UK manufactured

Tibbs Cannula Olive

Available Options

TAC200320Tibbs Arterial Cannula Set of 3 sizes (Large Olive, Large Cone & X Large Cone)
TAC20XXLC20Tibbs Arterial Cannula XX Large Cone 12.25mm OD extra long, 69mm
TAC20XLC20Tibbs Arterial Cannula X Large Cone 8mm OD extra long, 69mm
TAC20MO20Tibbs Arterial Cannula Micro Olive 2.5mm OD, 48mm
TAC20SO20Tibbs Arterial Cannula Small Olive, 48mm
TAC20LO20Tibbs Arterial Cannula Large Olive, 48mm
TAC20SC20Tibbs Arterial Cannula Small Cone, 48mm
TAC20LC20Tibbs Arterial Cannula Large Cone, 48mm

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