Rhino Rocket

  • Protects foam from moisture prior to insertions
  • Aids in placement and insertion
  • Minimises blood containment concerns
  • 30 seconds to insert
  • Provides gentle, but firm mucosal compression on the tamponade of anterior or middle segment epistaxis
  • Foam absorbs moisture and swells to six times its compressed diameter
  • String attached for retention and easy removal
  • Eight sizes to treat pediatric to posterior bleeds
  • Sterile

Find our Rhino Rocket Nasal Packing Product Sheet here.

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Available Options

11W-W1000-08AS8Wideline Rhino Rocket Extra Large
11W-W0800-08AS8Wideline Rhino Rocket Large
11W-W0500-08AS8Wideline Rhino Rocket Medium
11W-W0300-08AS8Wideline Rhino Rocket Small
11-STARTERRHINO8Starter Pack Rhino Rocket (1 of Each Size)
11S-S1000-08AS8Slimline Rhino Rocket Extra Large
11S-S0800-08AS8Slimline Rhino Rocket Large
11S-S0500-08AS8Slimline Rhino Rocket Medium
11S-S0300-08AS8Slimline Rhino Rocket Small