Micro Suction Tubes


  • Stainless steel tube with colour coded luer connector for micro suction use
  • Also suitable for use with syringe as irrigation device
  • Available in 86, 110 and 120mm lengths
Micro Suction (Verhoeven)

Available Options

MSV5021450120mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Green 120 x 2.1mm OD (14g)
MSV5012250110mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Black 110 x 0.7mm OD (22g)
MSV5011950110mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Brown 110 x 1.05mm OD (19g)
MSV5011750110mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) White 110 x 1.47mm OD (17g)
MSV5011450110mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Green 110 x 2.1mm OD (14g)
MSV5081195086mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Brown 86 x 1.05mm OD (19g)
MSV5081175086mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) White 86 x 1.47mm OD (17g)
MSV5081165086mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Cream 86 x 1.65mm OD (16g)
MSV508114R5086mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Green 86 x 2.1mm OD (14g) with Suction Regulator
MSV5081145086mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Green 86 x 2.1mm OD (14g)
MSV508113R5086mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Red 86 x 2.3mm OD (13g) with Suction Regulator
MSV5081135086mmMicro Suction (Verhoeven) Red 86 x 2.3mm OD (13g)