Keele Mucosectomy Forceps


  • Ideal for use during Trans Oral Mucosectomy procedure
  • Forceps are used to hold, control, manipulate and stabilise tissue in the Oral Cavity and manoeuvre the tongue during Cauterisation
  • Used for removing Carcinomas at the back of the Tongue
  • 140° angled tip for enhanced access
  • 1×2 Teeth to maintain firm specimen retention

See our Keele Mucosectomy Forceps specification sheet here.

“The Keele Mucosectomy Forceps are my instrument of choice for Endoscopic Mucosectomy. The bespokely designed length and angle allows for excellent manipulation of the tongue and adequate exposure.”

Ajith George, FRCS, Consultant ENT Surgeon, Keele Anatomy and Surgical Training Centre

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Keele Mucosectomy Forceps

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KMF102510Keele Mucosectomy Forceps, 250mm, 16mm tip length, 140° angle