Epistaxis Balloon Catheters

  • Epistax™ is a two-balloon silicone catheter with two independently inflatable silicone balloons designed to manage internal nasal bleeding
  • The smaller balloon marked “10cc” is designed to manage bleeding in the posterior chamber
  • The larger balloon marked “30cc”, manages bleeding in the anterior chamber
  • Available with or without Syringe
  • Made from soft, medical-grade silicone
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Epistaxis Balloon Catheters

Available Options

RH-4420-011Epistax™ Balloon Catheter 120mm with 20CC Syringe
RH-4400-1010Epistax™ Balloon Catheter 120mm
RH-4400-011Epistax™ Balloon Catheter 120mm
RH-4220-011Epistax™ Balloon Catheter 97mm with 20CC Syringe
RH-4200-1010Epistax™ Balloon Catheter 97mm
RH-4200-011Epistax™ Balloon Catheter 97mm