Colposcopy LLETZ Loop Electrodes


  • Tungsten loops give ideal tension for greater control and are stiffer at smaller dimensions which prevents the wire from folding when cutting
  • High cutting performance with reduced thermal damage to tissue
  • Recognised colour coding with loop size printed on the handle to easily distinguish between the variants
  • Universal shaft fits most electrosurgical pencils
  • Single-use ensures first time sharpness and performance with no cross infection risks or health and safety standards

Check out our literature for the Colposcopy LLETZ Loops here.

Available Options

LEC1132508-TA10Loop Electrode, 25x8mm, 130mm Shaft (Tan)
LEC1132020-PI10Loop Electrode, 20x20mm, 130mm Shaft (Pink)
LEC1132015-LB10Loop Electrode, 20x15mm, 130mm Shaft (Light Blue)
LEC1132012-WH10Loop Electrode, 20x12mm, 130mm Shaft (White)
LEC1132010-RE10Loop Electrode, 20x10mm, 130mm Shaft (Red)
LEC1131515-OR10Loop Electrode, 15x15mm, 130mm Shaft (Orange)
LEC1131512-GN10Loop Electrode, 15x12mm, 130mm Shaft (Green)
LEC1131508-GY10Loop Electrode, 15x8mm, 130mm Shaft (Grey)
LEC1131010-YE10Loop Electrode, 10x10mm, 130mm Shaft (Yellow)
LEC1131005-LP10Loop Electrode, 10x5mm, 130mm Shaft (Light Purple)
LEC1130505-PU10Loop Electrode, 5x5mm, 130mm Shaft (Purple)