Clearway Suction Handle


Clearway Suction Handle for Foreign Body Removal.

  • Removes difficult foreign objects from ear and nose
  • Ideal for A&E/ER and MIU
  • Less traumatic for patient and family
  • Can remove the need for ENT surgeon intervention or theatre time
  • UK manufactured
  • 100% quality inspected
  • Our innovative tip, has a soft malleable suctioning cap that forms an air-tight seal to securely grasp foreign objects
  • 142° angled handle for improved visibility
  • Suction control, particularly useful for smooth, rounded objects
  • Precision manufactured to ensure consistent quality
  • Universal suction attachment
  • Readily available Bubble Tubing or Yankauer Tubing to be cut down at a suitable point once the handle has been removed

“After 60 minutes of trying to retrieve a small ball bearing from a child’s ear, we decided to use the Clearway Suction Handle which removed it in seconds! We now stock these as a matter of course and have used on many occasions since, with excellent feedback from our ENT surgeons.” East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust, 2013

Find our Clearway Suction Handle “Pro” File here.


Clearway for Foreign Body Removal
Foreign Body Removal
Clearway Suction Handle

Available Options

SVT1001-S10Clearway Suction Handle