Cawthorne Bipolar Forceps


  • Fine stainless steel tips
  • Adjustable and universal 4mm plug that is tested to comply with the latest ‘Flying Leads’ UK legislation
  • High quality cables and connectors deliver connectors deliver consistently repeatable results
  • Comparable to McPherson Bipolar Forceps

Available Options

SU76101104420Cawthorne Bipolar Forceps 110 x 1mm, 3m, 4mm Plugs
SU76051104420Cawthorne Bipolar Forceps 110 x 0.5mm, 3m, 4mm Plugs
SU76100804420Cawthorne Bipolar Forceps 80 x 1mm, 3m, 4mm Plugs
SU76050804420Cawthorne Bipolar Forceps 80 x 0.5mm, 3m, 4mm Plugs