7th August 2017
by DTR Medical Ltd

As a motivated individual I always look to develop and learn in order to be successful.

Once I had successfully completed my GCSE’s I was left uncertain with the path I should take. As a result, I decided to go onto A-Level’s, selecting topics I found most enjoyable. This gave me a much clearer idea of what I wanted to do in the long-term – a career in business.

I felt further education with work experience would strengthen my chances of success. So, I selected a 4 year course at Swansea University to include a 12 month industry placement.

After searching for a work placement provider that met what I was looking for, I had the opportunity to start my new adventure working as a Marketing Assistant at DTR Medical. I chose DTR Medical for my placement as working in the medical industry appealed to me as it’s very important to society and benefits the population giving me the chance to be part of an ever changing and ever growing environment. The core values stood out to me too ‘Innovation, Quality and Service’. This showed me that DTR Medical is a company that strives to continuously improve, provide products to the highest quality and constantly deliver an excellent service, and so I felt I would be part of an organisation I could feel proud working for.

The next 12 months will not only provide me with valuable experience but it will offer the chance to acquire skills that can’t be taught in a lecture room. What’s more, I hope not only obtain skills from my time with DTR Medical but also help to give something back. I want to be able to use my own knowledge to assist the company in expanding and help bring new ideas, so that I can complete my year knowing that I have contributed positively to the company who gave me the fantastic opportunity.

After 2 years of studying Business Management it is safe to say that I feel I now made the right choice of course and also chose the right university, studying at Swansea’s new Bay Campus. As a Business Management student there is a massive range of modules to choose from giving us the opportunity to find out for ourselves which area of business is most suited. For myself, I have discovered that marketing is my preferred area and therefore I will be able to use the theory already learnt and apply this to real scenarios.

After a great start which involved having inductions with each department and meeting the team, I found that everyone was very friendly and supportive offering advice and tips to help settle me in. I felt that the idea of spending time with each team during my first week was a great way to introduce me to the business as I was able to view how it functioned and how our roles would interact.

I am now set-up and ready to start my journey – excited to see where this year will take me with hopes that I will now help DTR Medical move forward and continue to grow. After the placement I will return to university with ‘hands on’ experience to help me complete my final year of study.