23rd June 2021
by Edward Sheppard

Over the next few months, we will be highlighting smarter ways of working with our comprehensive “See and Treat” range of products, and how these can benefit your Clinic. This news piece will kick off the series with a focus on our Single-use ENT & Maxillofacial Instruments.

This wide variety of products ensure you get first-time results, every time and eliminate the need for repeat appointments and referrals, subsequently saving your busy ENT Clinic both time and money.


Oral Biopsy Forceps

Ideal for use in ENT, Oral, and MaxFax Clinics, our Oral Biopsy Forceps ensure a precise Biopsy is taken there and then to assist in the diagnosis of Cancer or any other abnormality in the Oral and Laryngeal Mucosa. Therefore, the patient can be diagnosed and correctly treated after the appointment, removing the need to be added onto another waiting list.

Our Forceps allow a Biopsy to be taken during an Outpatient appointment without using General Anaesthetic, providing Value-Based savings leading to better ENT practice. It was calculated that an Outpatient Biopsy can lead to rapid diagnosis and average resource savings of over £4.8 million per annum over five years for NHS hospitals across the UK[1].

To learn more about our Forceps, click here.


Clearway Suction Handles

Innovatively engineered to maximise patient comfort, making it particularly suitable for you to use in A&E/ER practice. Our Suction Handle reduces the need for surgical intervention that uses expensive theatre time, whilst cutting the “four-hour” standard waiting time in A&E[2] by treating patients in ‘seconds’ not hours.

Manufactured in the UK, our Clearway Suction Handle is the instrument of choice for you. Constructed with a soft, malleable suctioning cap that forms an airtight seal; this product is ideal for removing Foreign Bodies from the Ear and Nasal Cavity.

More information can be found here.


Myringotomy & Minor Ear Trays

Reduce your patient backlog with our Single-use Myringotomy and Minor Ear Trays. Carefully designed to provide you with all the Instruments required at once so that both time and cost aren’t wasted opening multiple Packs to find the right device.

Our Trays come equipped with a Jobson Horne Probe, Crocodile Fine Jaw Micro Forceps, Ear Specula, Zoellner Suction Handles, Zoellner Fine Ends, and Narrow Arrow Myringotome Blade.

For our complete range of Trays, click here.


Tongue Tie Packs

For an efficient, reliable, and safe solution for dividing a baby’s Tongue without discomfort in your ENT Paediatric Clinics, use our Single-use Tongue Tie Packs.

Our Pack contains high-quality Curved Baby Metzenbaum Scissors for precision accuracy and a Grooved Director to provide a clear line of sight.

For more information, click here.


Crocodile Fine Jaw Micro Forceps

Ensure quick and effective treatment in your ENT Clinic with our Crocodile Fine Jaw Micro Forceps, commonly used for Wax Removal, Foreign Body Removal, and Grommet Placement. Designed with a smooth, matt black finish preventing any reflection when used with a Microscope providing you with enhanced clarity.

With precise 0.9 x 5mm jaw action that can be used with the smallest Specula, our Forceps are the Instrument of choice in Paediatric procedures where vision is critical.

Discover more here.


Ear Specula

Available in both sterile and non-sterile options we have a compressive array of Single-use Ear Specula for use in your ENT Clinic.

Included within this is our bespoke Tumarkin Ear Specula which have a matt black finish and smooth edges for patient comfort, as well as large sizes (wide and short) that are suitable for giving injections. Our Specula enables you to see or treat your patients without the need for repeat visits.

We have a vast plethora of Ear Specula, learn more here.


NETCELL® Nasal Packs

Effective for use in A&E, Treatment Rooms and busy ENT Clinics we are able to supply PVA Sponge Nasal Packs. The NETCELL® products ultra-soft surface improves patient comfort and reduces trauma. The small, uniformed pore structure lowers the risk of tissue adhesion whilst increasing absorbency and fluid retention.

The exclusive Series 5000™ PVA Nasal Pack has an outer coating offering a non-stick interface against Tissue, facilitating an atraumatic removal. With a double compress for easy insertion, the product is specially designed for use after Septal, Turbinate and Rhinoplasty Surgery.

To view all NETCELL® Nasal Packs, view here.


As a company we are fully aware of the growing strain and pressure being placed on our healthcare providers. We have made it our mission to support Hospitals and Clinics through delivering Single-use Instruments that consistently produce both efficient and accurate health outcomes for patients and Clinicians alike. With prompt delivery guaranteed, we endeavour to meet your service needs. Avoiding costly delays, reducing hospital stock holding and improving lead time for Instruments.

For more information, please contact dtrmarketing@innoviamedical.com.


[1] Nixon, Iain. (2019). Outpatient Biopsy in Head and Neck Practice. NHS Lothian: Meeting of ENT Scotland/North of England.

[2] https://nhsproviders.org/media/3300/on-the-day-briefing-winter-16-17.pdf