30th April 2013
by DTR Medical Ltd
  • Ideal for Foreign Body Removal
  • Removes difficult foreign objects from ear and nose
  • Reduces patient waiting times
  • Avoids need for costly theatre intervention
  • Less traumatic experience for both patient and family

Recent findings by the Care Quality Commission reveal patients are waiting longer to be treated in A&E with 33% waiting 4+ hours.

Children presenting with foreign bodies in ears or noses occurs regularly, often resulting in several attempts at removal. This, a lengthy and potentially traumatic experience, causes inflammation to the site and often referral to theatre with further travel and delays.

At DTR Medical we try to provide solutions that deliver time, life, or cost savings and in the light of extended waiting times we may be able to help. Our new Clearway Suction Handle aids prompt foreign body removal and has dramatically reduced the cost of this technique by 50%.


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