24th May 2012
by DTR Medical Ltd

DTR Medical – a leading manufacturer of sterile single-use surgical instruments – has upgraded its Negus Aspirating Dissector, improving the device’s suction flow by 20%.

In line with DTR Medical’s core values to innovate and improve, this research project was a direct response to surgeons’ requests for improved suction flow.

Using Computational Fluid Dynamics, and expertise within Swansea University, enhancements were made to the predicted flow of fluids by increasing the hole size from 1.5mm to 2.25mm.

The front edge of the hole is now 0.75mm closer to the blade tip, allowing blood to pool in to the hole facilitating prompt removal. The proximity of the hole to the blade tip also provides better visibility for the surgeon.

The enlarged hole increases the rear aperture size, offering less resistance and is less prone to blockage and subsequent theatre delays.

The new Negus forms part of an extensive ENT range, complementing other dissectors such as the Tonsil Aspirating Dissector and the Freer ‘Hockey Stick’.

DTR Medical’s complete range of single-use instrumentation aims to deliver clinical value by improving procedures and helping save time, lives and cost.