30th May 2019
by Edward Sheppard

Iain Nixon, ENT Surgeon in NHS Lothian presented a poster at the joint meeting of ENT Scotland/North of England in Edinburgh reporting on the successful outcome of using 50 of our Oral Biopsy Forceps. The study looked into performing biopsies during outpatient appointment under local anaesthetic instead of direct laryngoscopy with biopsy under general. The results found that outpatient biopsy can lead to rapid diagnosis and average resource savings of over £400,000 per annum over five years for NHS Scotland. Edinburgh was the original request for this product and it is great to see such a positive outcome leading to better ENT practice.

DTR Medical has since received increased interest in the Oral Biopsy Forceps as a result of the poster. Iain supervised Roger Ang from The University of Edinburgh on this project who is pictured below left.

To view both our Standard and Large size Oral Biopsy Forceps, please click here.

If you are interested in reading the full ‘Outpatient Biopsy in Head and Neck Practice‘ clinical study, follow the link here.

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