10th February 2021
by Edward Sheppard

As we strive to support our customers with innovative Single-use Surgical Instruments, we are releasing new products to better support your Hospital. These are all designed in conjunction with Clinicians to save you Time, Life, and Cost.

SuperCut Scissors

With one serrated blade and one sharp cutting blade, our NEW SuperCut Scissors allow for a superior grip and cut.

Available in both Straight or Curved blades, our Single-use Scissors are available in two variants:

  • SuperCut Stevens Tenotomy Scissors for delicate cutting and dissecting of soft tissue.
  • SuperCut Baby Metzenbaum Scissors for fine cutting of soft tissue and blunt dissection.

SuperCut Stevens Tenotomy Scissors

Frazier Suction Handle 15Fg

We have expanded our Frazier Suction Handles range, to now include a NEW 5mm (15Fg) variant. This ensures increased suction for the removal of bodily fluids when used in Spinal procedures.

Our 150˚ pre-bent product ensures a precise angle and eliminates the risk of causing damage when bending the device.

Frazier Suction Handle 200 x 5mm OD (15Fg), 150° bend

Spackman Insufflation Cannula with Movable Acorn

Our NEW Spackman Insufflation Cannula is now manufactured with Stainless Steel. This significantly reduces the risk of both nickel allergies and black particle contamination. The metal provides more consistent overall quality with less discolouration.

Available with a Movable Acorn variant, this enables flexibility when working with a range of patients. The atraumatic tips on the Cannula are further designed to reduce Uterine Perforation risk.

Spackman Insufflation Cannula with Movable Acorn

Sub Tenon Anaesthesia Pack

Our NEW Anaesthesia Pack provides you with atraumatic access to the Sub-Tenon space in order to anaesthetise the eye.

The pack is made up of three Single-use Instruments that have been carefully designed for optimum performance when conducting the procedure:

  • Blunt Westcott Scissors to avoid penetrating the Sclera and for ease of tunnelling.
  • Moorfield Forceps that meet precisely at the tip.
  • Open Loop Kratz-Barraquer Eye Speculum to retract eyelids, improving access and preventing blinking.

Sub Tenon Anaesthesia Pack

Personal Protective Equipment

In addition to our newest Single-use innovations, we also are able to offer you the Reusable Innovia Face Visor.

Our COVID-19 PPE has been carefully designed to provide the user with top, side, and front face protection from aerosols and to minimise airborne cross-contamination. Maximum visibility is ensured with its N rated hydrophilic anti-fog coating to prevent condensation which allows an optically clear screen.

Reusable Innovia Face Visor

How Can we Support You?

How can we help? If you have a new product or specific requirement, we are always willing to discuss this and look to develop to support you.

This ethos is seen in everything we do including listening to Clinicians’ needs and questions like “do you do?”, resulting in the huge expansion of our product range from ENT/MAXFAX to Gynaecology, General Surgery, Orthopaedic, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, and most recently PPE.

To view our full range of products that will be released in 2021, click here.

For more information, please contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.