9th October 2019
by Edward Sheppard

Through continuous improvements to our ENT/Maxfax Range, we strive to meet the ever increasing needs of your busy hospital environments. NEW products in the portfolio have been designed through listening to both customer feedback and experience.

Rosen Needle Fine

The NEW Rosen Needle Fine is suitable for your most delicate ear procedures. We have been able to engineer an instrument that produces consistently clean and accurate cuts during Tympanoplasty. Also used in Stapedotomy, the tip finds a balance between precision and the strength needed to prevent bending when pressure is applied within the ear of a patient.  Our Single-use Rosen Needle Fine is consistently sharp first time, eliminating any risk of blunt tips often associated with re-useable alternatives.

Frazier Suction Handle 150° Bend

NEW Frazier Suction Handles with 150˚degree bend have been developed through listening to feedback about our straight variants. Starting production for a pre-bent Suction Handle. This means you no longer need to bend the instrument yourself, eliminating any risk of contamination. This also provides you with a set angle, accurately measured in a controlled environment.

Negus Aspirating Dissector with One Hole

Our NEW Negus Aspirating Dissector with One Hole provides you with improved control during delicate procedures. Complementing the Two Hole variant in our range, the instrument provides suction on only one side, allowing you to regulate it a lot more. This gives you increased control as well as limiting any potential trauma that may be caused when used in the Nasal cavity. The guided suction is important to prevent any unwanted bleeding.

Lempert Suction Handle

The NEW Lempert Suction Handle was introduced to meet the demand for high quality Suction Handles. The instrument is designed with an ergonomic handle incorporating thumb control allowing suction to be regulated. This functions at all angles allowing rotation for improved clinician visibility.

Wire Cutting Scissors

Providing you with new and improved Wire Cutting Scissors that allow you to cut a wide range of wires. This new hardened instrument is ideal to cut Cerclage wire efficiently along the entire length of the blade. Therefore, making it extremely beneficial for you to use in jaw fixation procedures. In circumstances where vomiting and choking are a risk, the Scissors also give relatives the ability to easily cut the wire causing the problem.

Other new products added to our ENT/Maxfax range include the Langenbeck Retractor and Beckmann Adenoid Curette.

We continue to improve and develop our products across all our specialities through user suggestions and innovation to provide quality instruments that you deserve. Please look out for posts to our News Stories section in the coming months on updates to our other ranges.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at marketing@dtrmedical.com or +44 (0) 1792 797910.