29th September 2020
by Edward Sheppard

The global pandemic has presented us all with challenges that we have had to overcome.

As we start to find our new normal, there is an old challenge that we must now revisit.

On the 31st January, the UK officially left the EU and entered an 11-month transition period.

This transition period will officially end on the 31st December and the deadline to extend it has now passed. At this time, a trade agreement has not been put in place by  the UK Government.

The most likely outcome at this stage is a no-deal Brexit.

The UK MHRA has also announced a UK CE mark will be introduced, and we have been actively monitoring its introduction for some time.  This new regulation will be implemented in the UK from the 1st January 2021 with a transition period to the 30th June 2023.

As a responsible company, the Innovia Group has already taken steps to prepare and minimise the impact on our supply of goods from our UK manufacturing sites, including:


Network Medical, North Yorkshire

  • Moved our notified body to SGS Belgium and obtained new CE certificates
  • Appointed Advena Limited as our EC representative (EC REP)
  • Expanded both our raw material and finished good stock holding
  • Registered all our products with the new MHRA online system
  • For other companies within the Innovia Group, we have started to register their products on the MHRA system and are now acting as their UK representative (UK REP).

Please Click Here to download our new CE certificates

DTR Medical, Swansea

  • Moved our Notified Body to BSI Netherlands Group BV
  • Appointed Emergo as our EC Representative (EC REP)
  • Expanded both our raw material and finished good stock holding
  • Registered all our products with the new MHRA online system
  • Commenced preparations to enable the UK CE mark to be applied, in addition to our EU CE mark.

Please Click Here to download our latest CE certificates.


However, in spite of our preparations we anticipate that there will be restrictions in place from the 1st January 2021 that could cause shipping delays from the UK.

We appreciate that we have visited the topic of a no deal Brexit in the past and advised that you hold additional contingency stock. However, this time there is no potential for a further extension or delay to Brexit.

Therefore, we would like to encourage you to review your current stock levels and place orders before December as to avoid disruption to your business  as we anticipate the demand for our product ranges post-COVID will continue to increase in the New Year.

For more information please contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.