25th February 2021
by Edward Sheppard

We are delighted to announce that Innovia Medical are now an official distributor of Lacrimedics’ Occlusion Therapy products.

As we continue to develop as one Group, Network Medical (Ripon, UK) will be our International distributor, and Summit Medical (St. Paul, USA) will become our U.S. distributor of Lacrimedics’ complete line of Occlusion Therapy products.


Who are Lacrimedics?

Lacrimedics were founded in 1984 with a focus on Corneal and External Eye Diseases. Since then, they have developed many innovate products which are used to treat patients with Dry Eye Disease (DED) and Lacrimal System Dysfunction (LSD).


What Products will be added to Innovia’s Ophthalmic Range?

At Innovia Medical we have a vast plethora of products to suit your Ophthalmic procedural requirements, including precision Single-use Instruments and PVA Sponge Products for use during a variety of procedures such as Cornea Graft, Lacrimal Intubation and LASIK.

With the addition of the Lacrimedics brand, we will now be able to supply you with 6 Ophthalmic focused brands that also consists of CORONET, EYETEC, Eagle Labs, DTR Medical, and Network Medical Products.

The Lacrimedics range now offered by Innovia Medical features:

  • Dissolvable VisiPlug® Lacrimal Plugs – Medium-term Occlusion Therapy, lasting for approximately 180 days.
  • Collagen Plugs – Short-term Occlusion Therapy and diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease, lasting for approximately 4 – 7 days.
  • AccuFlo™ Punctal Occluder – Long-term Occlusion Therapy for upper or lower Puncta. The AccuFlo™ Punctal Occluder is designed to regulate tear drainage for patients experiencing epiphora with traditional punctum plugs or that require less occlusion.
  • ComfortTip™ Punctal Occluder – Long-term Occlusion Therapy and equipped with a collapsible tip to ensure ease of insertion, improved patient comfort, and superior retention.
  • OPAQUE Herrick Lacrimal Plugs® – Intracanalicular-style Plug for Long-term Occlusion Therapy in the upper Puncta. Especially useful for patients experiencing foreign body sensation or Plug “pop-out” with surface-style Punctum Plugs. With visible post-insertion, using a simple light source.


“Becoming an official distributor of Lacrimedics Occlusion Therapy Products is a fantastic addition to our vast Ophthalmic range. This enables us to greater support Ophthalmic healthcare workers around the world.

Being one of the global leaders in Occlusion Therapy, Lacrimedics provide high-quality devices for the diagnosis and treatment of Dry Eye Diseases and underlying symptoms. We are delighted to be able to offer our customers short-, medium-, and long-term therapy products.”

Terry Meredith, CEO, Innovia Medical


For more information, please view our Product Specification Sheet here, or contact: