31st May 2019
by Edward Sheppard

What is changing?

With a growing demand for Fraziers, a second supply has been sourced from an established UK manufacturing partner and sterile product will be available week commencing 10 June 2019.

They will use a different assembly method to join the handle and the tube. Initially this new supplier will make FSH2006, FSH2008, FSH2009 and FSH2012 and over time this is expected to expand to other Frazier lines.

Our current supply is also a UK manufacturer who soldered the components together.

For the foreseeable future, customers will receive these products with either method. However boxes will not be mixed between the two sources to ensure full traceability.

Frazier product codes and prices are unchanged.

What impact does this change have?

  • Small aesthetic change to handle: The images shows the aesthetic change, an overlapping section of the tube and handle can be seen. This compares to the soldered version existing customers will be familiar with.
  • Equivalent suction performance: The change in the design has been tested to ensure it performs identically.
  • Consistently strong and durable joint: The new design is at least as strong as the soldered join.
  • Streamlined supply so quicker delivery of product to customers: With dual supply more Fraziers will be available for sale and to cope with extra demand from new customers.

To view our Frazier Suction Handles click here.

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