19th March 2013
by DTR Medical Ltd

Playing a significant role in Otology, DTR Medical recently featured in national and local press for their key role in the development of Tympanoplasty Moulds for Fasciaform Tympanoplasty (also known as formaldehyde-formed fascia graft, or fasciaform graft technique).

Although not a particularly new procedure, Consultant ENT Surgeon John Phillips of Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is leading it’s revival having entrusted DTR Medical with the task of manufacturing the bespoke, reusable and precision engineered stainless steel moulds.

To encourage others to also adopt this procedure, a step-by-step guide has now been published in the March issue of ’ENT & audiology news’. The “How I do it” guide addresses techniques, indications and conclusions drawn from patient by patient cases.

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