24th July 2019
by Edward Sheppard

George Hawkins is coming towards the end of his 12 month placement with DTR Medical in the New Product Development (NPD) department. George carried out a presentation in front of DTR Medical colleagues along with a Loughborough Invigilator as part of his Diploma in Engineering. To start, he was given a project by Mathew Franks, Lead Product Engineer and an external surgeon to discuss how the House Curette could be redeveloped to improve Endoscopic Ear Surgeries (EES).

George carried out research across a range of faculties including: anatomy, surgical procedure and other products in the market.  His main outlook on the project was to look at one of our products and consequently redesign it with a different, more modern approach. Overall, George believes the project to be a success with prototypes being made. DTR Medical have hopes of releasing the product into production in the near future.

“George spent the morning presenting the culmination of the work completed on one of his projects to both colleagues at DTR Medical as well as academic members of Loughborough University. The presentation was well executed, showing an in depth knowledge and highlighting the outstanding work he has conducted. George has made a fantastic contribution this year and has been a delight to work alongside. I am sure I speak on behalf of everyone at DTR when I wish him the best of luck with his return to studies.”  Matthew Franks, Lead Product Engineer

“It was great presenting the work I have conducted on the development of the House Curettes this year. This project has been extremely rewarding and has allowed me to learn a huge range of skills. Thank you to everyone at DTR Medical, for welcoming me into the team and aiding my development as an engineer. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work for a fast growing and successful company. I wish everyone at DTR all the best.”  George Hawkins, NPD Technician