16th May 2018
by DTR Medical Ltd

DTR Medical pledged their support for St John Cymru-Wales Humanitarian Mission 2018, by donating £500. £250 was raised by the team through fundraising activities and this total was matched by the company, allowing our Technical Administrator, Rhiannon Jones to travel to Dharamshala in India.

During her mission Rhiannon was able to assist in the training of over 1,200 people from across the region. This varied from teaching basic first aid to community groups to advanced life support to medics and ambulance crews, providing essential skills that will in turn save lives. St John Cymru-Wales were also able to supply first aid kit to local services and training equipment to schools, this will help to elongate the impact of the mission.

Rhiannon stated, “I would like to thank both my colleagues and DTR Medical for enabling me to take part in the St John’s Cymru-Wales Humanitarian Mission to the exiled Tibetan region of Northern India. I was able to impart skills and knowledge to so many different parts of the community. Due to their location and the extreme weather they are exposed to such as earthquakes and road passage closures, the skills that we were able to provide them with from basic first aid up to advanced life support management could prove vital.”