5th February 2016
by DTR Medical Ltd

As a leading supplier of innovative, high quality single-use surgical instruments that are supported by exceptional levels of service, DTR Medical is seeing a growing demand for its products being selected by customers for inclusion into custom procedure packs.

A number of lines have already been sold to kit suppliers ranging from forceps, to suction handles. This trend is becoming more widespread as hospitals seek to combine the efficiency of a pack without compromising on quality. This applies particularly to fine precise instruments and those that need to be sharp with a good cut even at the tips.

In principle, DTR Medical welcomes this business although the company always ensures the devices are used in a manner that is not a retrograde step in term of packaging protection and sterilisation. It is important the kit provider is also well respected in the marketplace since this reflects directly on the image and reputation of DTR Medical which has been built over 10 years.

As DTR Medical focus largely on individually packed instruments that meet re-usable standards, it makes supplying customers for procedure packs possible.

That said, DTR Medical does provide some sets, such as myringotomy, suture, minor injury & trauma, ophthalmic and maternity because more than one item needs to be of the highest quality or service is critical.

The company welcomes approaches from UK, European and International custom procedure pack providers who wish to develop a partnership with DTR Medical.

For companies interested in working with DTR Medical, please contact our Customer Service Team.