21st May 2015
by DTR Medical Ltd

Following the 2014 NHS eProcurement strategy, where the importance of adopting GS1 standard barcodes on all product labels for both the NHS and its suppliers was highlighted, DTR Medical are pleased to announce their successful integration of the technology.

The new labels, which incorporate the latest GS1 standards to comply with the Unique Device Identification system, will provide machine readable product information on all labels to meet expected EU and other regulators demands as well as the NHS as they implement eProcurement.

The benefits associated with this latest technology include;

  • improve patient care and reduce costs
  • improve stock control
  • one global language
  • accurately track equipment

The adoption of this latest labelling technology serves to reinforce DTR Medical’s commitment savings ‘Time, Life and Cost’ where the benefits can be realised in surgical instruments across the healthcare supply chain.

Matthew Franks (Lead Product Engineer at DTR Medical) stated:

 “UDI compliance represents a significant development for DTR Medical and its customers, allowing automation of information flow will have influences across the whole purchasing and supply process. Not only improving warehouse efficiencies and creating faster, more accurate sales transactions, but it will also lead to benefits of superior supply chain traceability and improved product recall efficiencies creating direct patient safety improvement.”

DTR Medical are committed to developing and identifying solutions that benefit the healthcare provider and its patients around the world.