25th September 2014
by DTR Medical Ltd

Leading medical journal ‘BMJ’ has published an article written by Consultant ENT Surgeon Mr John Phillips. The article; ‘Middle ear instrument nomenclature: a taxonomic approach’ (available here http://twitdoc.com/3BC6) reveals why the anatomy of these well-known reptiles has influenced Clinician preference for extra fine jaw Crocodile Forceps.

DTR Medical offers a range of high quality single-use ENT instruments including the popular Crocodile Fine Jaw Micro Forceps, available in stainless steel or matt-black finish. The robust and slender fine jaws reflect the precise gripping action required of the ‘Gharial’ (Fig 1) Crocodile to latch onto its unsuspecting prey.

The similarities do however end there, as this single-use instrument avoids costly repairs to damaged jaws whilst eliminating the risk of contamination from occluded surfaces and difficult to clean jaw cups.

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