30th July 2014
by DTR Medical Ltd

Leading international publication ‘ENT & Audiology News’ recently published a feature article on alternative methods of foreign object removal from the ear and nose, over the more traditional use of Crocodile fine jaw forceps, hooks and probes.

Download the ‘how I do it’ guide here

Developed by DTR Medical, the Clearway suction handle for the removal of foreign bodies from ears and noses is ideal for A&E, minor injury unit or outpatients where patient waiting can be significant.

It enables a positive and swift patient outcome by helping to alleviate the trauma often associated with being sent to distant hospitals for theatre intervention. Reducing the need for ENT surgical intervention using expensive theatre time can deliver also savings of some £700 per patient.

Bronglais Hospital A&E department recently shared their experience of the Clearway: “We had to remove a fairly large bead from a child’s ear…..the Clearway was great!! The bead came out effortlessly …very impressed!”

This latest development is quickly becoming recognised as a truly ‘fit-for-purpose’ instrument that can enhance existing procedures in your hospital.

For more information on how your department can benefit from this product and to request your free sterile sample please visit www.dtrmedical.com or contact us today on +44 (0) 1792 797910.
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