24th March 2016
by DTR Medical Ltd

Mark was a great member of our team at DTR Medical for the two and a half years he shared with us. His fighting spirit was remarkable both in his work and in the face of his illness.

He made many friends in the company thanks to his outgoing and cheery personality. He supported everyone through his willingness to share his clinical knowledge to make sure they had the confidence to help the customer.

His impact on the company will be remembered especially for the Bone Trephine product he brought to the market through his work with Great Ormond Street. Thanks to Mark children born with severe cleft palates have a greater chance of a fulfilling life.

In celebration of his time with us we share a video of Mark at his best, at our 10 year anniversary event held in July 2015. It was the last time Mark was surrounded by all his colleagues – We hope this is a fitting memory that others will want to remember him by including his customers who continue to speak very highly of him.