10th June 2015
by DTR Medical Ltd
DTR Medical are pleased to hear that Dr Theodora Pepera, Consultant Gynaecologist at St George’s Hospital NHS Trust, has been awarded a BSCCP overseas scholarship to enable Colposcopy Training for Nurses and Doctors in Ghana.
The project aims to roll out a colposcopy training programme across Ghana with theoretical and practical training in colposcopy and assessment to reduce the burden of cervical cancer. Dr Pepera says that the invaluable support given by DTR Medical has been essential in implementing and supporting the training programme;
I must thank you and your team, for the support given already, and offered. And of course, you may be aware I have already ordered a number of your items for my own practice in Ghana. I am very happy with the products’. 

DTR Medical would like to wish Dr Pepera success in her venture and endeavour to continue providing support to her and her team in the UK and Overseas.