12th April 2018
by Andrew Davidson

We all have our thoughts on Brexit and the likely outcome. DTR Medical is an SME and to ensure we continue to thrive we must put this to one side and see it as a risk and plan accordingly. Get it right and it will provide opportunities we may not see yet.

Our first issue occurred immediately after the referendum, a significant increase in cost of goods necessitated a review of our sales and marketing plan.

Like all ABHI Members we are subject to regulation, but after 46 years in the EU and with the transition to the new MDR, strongly influenced by the MHRA, we see this as business as usual.

Trading access is probably the area we have to focus on and whilst MedTech may be seen as a special case, we cannot rely on this. We already buy from the USA and Far East, which are outside the EU and there is frictionless trading that we expect to continue. We will plan for potential disruption, possibly to air freight, and uncertainty by projecting our purchasing to cover Brexit.

Within the EU, it is less clear, but we will take the same approach, ensuring our distribution partners are well stocked beforehand to overcome any disruption or change in terms. We already liaise on forward demand up to fifteen months ahead and this is already within our thinking.
Finally, the Irish border question may be complicated, especially since we use our local partner to sell in both North and South, but we will find a sensible way forward with their help.

For a MedTech SME like DTR Medical, is it important to plan ahead for what we can control, rather than listening to politicians negotiating. For those well-used to supplying the NHS, reading the press is often remote from reality and we get on with providing our customers with the innovation, quality and service they require.