4th January 2012
by DTR Medical Ltd

Soon to be available, DTR Medical’s high quality, cost effective cervical biopsy punch is customised to surgeons’ specifications.

The company was approached by clinicians concerned with the risks of cross contamination when reusing hard-to-clean instruments on patients undergoing cervical cancer biopsies. Consulted surgeons wanted a sterile single-use instrument with a rotating jaw, providing first time sharpness and a precise cut at an affordable price.

Currently single-use alternatives are most commonly plastic instruments that are cost effective but without achieving an effective cutting jaw. Metal single-use punches are available but fail to meet the needs because consistent quality and specification are difficult to achieve. These instruments often “mash” the tissue, creating poor biopsies and risking continued wound trauma that leads to longer patient recovery time.

With approximately 260,000 cervical biopsies conducted in the UK per annum, DTR Medical’s product has the opportunity to revolutionise this procedure, as it prevents cross-contamination, provides first time sharpness, and fits within NHS and other healthcare providers’ budgets.

The nylon-based trigger handle and the metal jaw were developed using the best materials and expertise available, utilising the advice of surgeons to create a truly fit-for-purpose product. The shaft and inner rod – made from stainless steel – actuate the jaw, ensuring no movement or flex occurs, enabling the surgeon to attain a sharp and clean cut.

For more information, contact the sales team on +44 (0) 1792 797 910, or email info@dtrmedical.com.