2nd June 2015
by DTR Medical Ltd

DTR Medical Celebrates it’s 10th Year Anniversary as an Innovative and Multiple Award Winning Medical Device Manufacturer.

A UK based medical device company, DTR Medical sell and market its own brand of sterile single-use surgical instruments, priding themselves on developing new and innovative products that are used throughout ENT, Gynaecology, Vascular, Orthopaedic, Ophthalmology and general surgery.

“At DTR Medical, we would like to thank our customers, employees, and suppliers for their continued support over the last 10 years. Providing high quality single-use sterile products that deliver clinical value combined with exceptional levels of service is at the forefront of our mission”. 

Andrew Davidson Managing Director

DTR Medical awards

Our Partner Testimonials

“Fantastic – well done. Quite a milestone and you have certainly achieved great things in your 10 years. I always admire and respect your enthusiasm and passion. Congratulations”. Ann Watkin, Managing Director, Downs Distributor, New Zealand

“I would just like to wish you and your team a successful future. Your proficiency in work ensures all of us that we will be good partners”. Jamal Al-Showaikhat – CEO – Leader Healthcare, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“Congratulations to everyone in the team, Ed thank you for all the brilliant support!”. Glyn Vaughan, Director – All Ears Cambodia