Our Business Manager, Ian David and Marketing Coordinator, Edward Sheppard will both be attending The Dilemmas in Periocular Tumour Management Day at The Moorfields Eye Hospital, London.

The day will include a variety of talks by respected figures in Ophthalmology, covering topics such as: Malignant and Malignant-Like Orbital Tumours, Lacrimal Gland Carcinomas, Lacrimal Sac Tumours along with a variety of others. The event will be co-led by Adnexal Consultants from The Moorfields Eye Hospital, Claire Daniel and Jimmy Uddin; along with Professor Bita Esmaeli from MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston USA.

We will be exhibiting our range of high-quality Ophthalmic instruments.  Our Double Ended Punctum Dilator will be present at the event, with the ageing population in the UK, it is an instrument helping to meet the growing demand of people over 65. Furthermore, high quality polished tips avoid trauma during entry to the punctum.  Iris Scissors on display ensure first time sharpness, manufactured to cut right to the tips. Further to this we will be displaying our 100mm Kerrison Rongeur Punch, an instrument ideal for Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) procedures, the 90° up-bite provides the correct angle relative to the position of the bone during surgery. Some of the other products on show include our: Kratz-Barraquer Eye Speculum, Vannas Scissors and Negus Aspirating Dissector with One Hole.

For more information please contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.