We are delighted to be supporting the 2nd NCPCO, taking place on the 28th and 29th July at the Institute In The Park Alder Hey Hospital. Our Business Manager North, Victoria Houseman, will be in attendance and looking forward to meeting you all.

The course covers hands-on, interactive, and practical paediatric ENT procedures including; Bronchoscopy (Rigid and Flexible), Airway foreign body removal, BAHA, Coblation, Balloon Sinuplasty and Tuboplasty, Sialendoscopy, Tracheostomy, Botox injection to salivary glands, VHIT and many more.

Displayed will be our range of high-quality Single-use paediatric ENT/Maxfax instruments. The Crocodile Fine Jaw Micro Forceps are particularly suitable for use in children because they are the finest Single-use instrument available and fit with the smaller Ear Specula options.  The Rosen Needle Fine will also be on show, this version also offers a very fine profile to provide surgeons with an instrument for difficult ear procedures. Other products will include Clearway Suction Handles for foreign body removal from ears and noses.

For more information, please contact dtrmarketing@innoviamedical.com.