Our Business Manager, Victoria Houseman, will be attending UHMBT Annual ENT Study Day at the Lancaster House Hotel on 13th March.

The meeting brings together a range of Consultant ENT Surgeons from across the country, with talks being held on advanced aspects of the Ear, Nose and Throat sector. Some of the topics covered include:  Paediatric Airway Emergencies, Principles Anatomy & Physiology of Endoscopic Ear Surgery and Facial Nerve & Management of Surgical Trauma.

On display at the hotel will be our range of high-quality ENT/Maxfax instruments. Our Clearway Suction Handle will be exhibited, a product proven to be extremely effective at extracting foreign bodies and preventing the need to go to surgery. It is very beneficial in A&E emergencies when quick removal is a necessity. Further to this our Endoscopic Ear Range will also be present, including both Curved Endoscopic Suction Tubes and Zoellner Suction Fine Ends. Our Crocodile Fine Jaw Micro Forceps are the finest Single-use instrument available and fit with the smaller Ear Specula options, making them very effective for the removal of foreign bodies.  Finally, we will have a variety of NEW innovations with us such as our: Negus One-Hole, Rosen Needle Fine and Endoscopic House Curette.

For more information please contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.