We will be attending a Practical Training Course in LLETZ / LEEP, 8th July at The National Hospital, Dublin. Eire.

This is a practical course where colposcopy trainees including Doctors & nurse specialists will have an opportunity to practise/ fine-tune their technique of LLETZ / LEEP using the ‘LLETZlearn’ simulator to give a realistic clinical experience.

Practising Consultants specialising in colposcopy at the Portland Hospital will be present to provide individual tuition and feedback.

This course is designed for all colposcopy trainees who wish to undertake practical hands-on training for their treatment module leading to BSCCP certification. It will also include a theoretical session on Who, When and How to treat. All equipment including diathermy safety will be discussed.

Visit lletzlearn for more information or email kmartin@dtrmedical.com.