Our Business Manager, Victoria Houseman, alongside Network Medical Business Development Manager, Ian Duncan will be attending the 16th Annual International ENT Masterclass at Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

Network Medical is another company in the Innovia Medical Group, with over 20 years of experience designing and manufacturing medical products.

ENT Masterclass® is a novel concept to provide high quality training in Otorhinolaryngology, free at the point of delivery. It is a multimedia training platform in Otolaryngology and allied fields, delivered by a faculty of National and International repute.  It will be a good chance to meet Clinicians from both the UK and across the world.

Displayed will be our range of high-quality ENT/Maxfax instruments. Our Crocodile Fine Jaw Micro Forceps are the finest Single-use instrument available and fit with the smaller Ear Specula options.  The NEW Rosen Needle Fine will also be on show, this version offers a very fine profile to provide Surgeons with an instrument for difficult ear procedures. Our Negus One-hole too will be present, offering more controlled suction. Other products include Clearway Suction Handles for foreign body removal from the ear and nose, NEW for 2020 Endoscopic House Curette and our Frazier Suction Handles range.

For more information please contact marketing@dtrmedical.com.