Reusable Innovia Face Visor


  • Manufactured to highest PPE regulation requirements
    • CE Category III 2016/425 as per Annex II (Notified Body Satra Technology Europe Ltd)
  • Reusable design reduces environmental impact
    • Allows for up to 5 days of safe wear by the same individual
  • N rated Hydrophilic anti-fog coating
    • Prevents condensation forming for an optically clear screen and maximum visibility (compliant with EN166:2001 Clause 7.3.2)
  • Permanent marker compatible Visor includes space for individual name and customisation
  • Pre-printed 5-day tally tick box feature allows wearer to keep track of number of days used and when to dispose of and replace
  • Ultra-soft grooved foam headrest for increased comfort and removal of dermal heat
  • Designed to provide face protection from aerosols and minimise airborne cross-contamination
  • Meets all applicable requirements of EN 166:2001 Personal Eye Protection
  • Provides top, side, and front face protection for the healthcare professional
  • 22.8cm long screen provides maximum protection
  • Elastic headband provides secure retention and easy application
  • Can be worn over prescription eyewear and facemasks
  • Anti-glare performance for optimum clarity within clinical environment
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Instructions for Use available here

View our Product Specification here.

Reusable Innovia Face Visor CE certificate and Delcaration of Conformity here.


Available Options

CM-5001R100 Reusable Innovia Face Visor
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